Stop reading this article for a few seconds and type your company name in and see what comes up.

What did you find on the first page of results? Was your company website in the top five? Is a bad review on the first page? How about other companies with the same name and in the same industry? Where does your Facebook or other social media account rank in the results?

Answering the questions honestly will go a long way in helping you to clarify what is happening with your communication strategy.

If bad press is dominating the conversation about you, then what is the plan to resolve it? How can you generate new stories that will get the media and your customers excited about your business? You should also be showing that the negative event is a thing of the past and this is how it was resolved.

If you keep hitting the NEXT button, where are you on those page results? Are other companies recommending you, linking to your blog and products? Collaborations, networks and partners who can rave about your business will help increase your visibility and the opportunity for new clients to see what you can do for them.

Switch to the News tab, are there official press releases that were picked up by media outlets? Who prints a release verbatim and which ones rewrite? Understanding how various media houses engage with the press releases and other products you distribute can help to guide the development of new content.

On the Images tab what can you see? Not enough images of your brands, your CEO, your team? What will you do about it? If you don’t capture your events and successes in a visual way, did they even happen? The proof is in the visuals. Commit to taking more photos. Invest in a professional photographer to cover your signature event so you can have images on file for future use. Include photos and videos in your blog posts, your LinkedIn articles and press releases.

You can improve your search rankings and the availability of content and information about your business with a solid strategy for spreading the word. Communication makes the difference. Telling stories that show how you resolve the pain of your customers is what will get you there.

Nerissa Golden is a media strategist and head of Goldenmedia LLC. She writes on entrepreneurship, leveraging technology and media to improve lives and communities. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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