You may have spent a whole fifty dollars on your new flashy logo from fiverr but it does not need to be foremost in your press release. As a media professional, a continued pet peeve is the submission of press releases and other documents that make it difficult for a media house to cut, paste and edit.

Remember your goal is to get people to read your story and take action. Your logo is pretty but it is not the story. Cut out all of the barriers which make it difficult for a journalist to read your work and follow through.

Imagine receiving a press release as a jpeg image file or pdf.

More often than not, the reporter is checking emails on their device while at another event. Having to scroll and zoom to read your headline is a recipe for ending up in the delete folder. Paste your story in the body of the email and not only as an attachment. A great story can be seen, verified and uploaded in minutes on mobile. Don’t give a reporter a reason to put it off.

When they Google you and search your site, they will see that logo you are so proud of. We will even see the logos of the partners you want to show off but they do not need to be front and center in your release.

Use a great headline and opening paragraph. Don’t bury the good stuff in the bottom of the article.

Include a high resolution image that is worthy to be shown at full size. If you are a professional speaker/presenter please invest in a photographer to cover your event and get you some great shots. You don’t need to do it for every event but you need to have a few stellar images on file which you can send out with your releases. Blurry camera photos of you in motion won’t get you further than the bin. Don’t make a journalist search for photos to include in the story. The harder you make it for a reporter to compile the story, the easier it becomes to move on to the next release in their inbox.

Nerissa Golden is a media strategist and head of Goldenmedia LLC. She writes on entrepreneurship, leveraging technology and media to improve lives and communities. Follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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