In the six years I’ve been on Facebook they have made a lot of changes. It used to be that all of your 250 fans would see everything you posted but now probably less than 50 of your 250 fans would see what you share the first time.

That is because Facebook wants to encourage you to pay to boost your best posts so more of your own fans can see it.

Well if you can afford to pay for boosting your content then go right ahead, it will increase visibility and engagement but you can’t expect miracles overnight.

For those of you who are doing your best to keep your page alive then you must do more of the following:

  1. Post more frequently. Fans will engage with you once they see you are consistent. In order for them to continue to see your content in their feed they must interact with it. Like it, share it, comment on it. The likelihood of this happening increases the more often you share content. Check your fan page insights to understand what times of the day are most popular for your fans and which content gets them the most engaged.
  2. Reshare a Great Post. Because you posted a status or photo at 6AM doesn’t mean everyone saw it. They may not even see it when they finally get online at 8AM. While you shouldn’t repeat the same post so it feels like spam, reshare your morning post in the evening.
  3. Use more video. Facebook continues to move things around to see what increases interaction and right now videos uploaded via their own interface or shared video content gets top billing. So if you can create original content that others would enjoy, do so and share them regularly.
  4. Share Your Own Content. Some pages live on sharing the wisdom from other brands they admire but what you are essentially doing is promoting that other business coach, author or entertainer. If you do like their message then feel free to quote them and identify them as the owner but ensure your brand is visible on the image. That way when it is reshared by others, the originator of the photo is your fan page.30-Day-SayNo
  5. Push them to your Website. Facebook doesn’t belong to you. God forbid something were to happen and you were locked out and couldn’t access all of the photos and great thoughts you captured online. Write your best stuff on your website and then share it to Facebook. Get them to click that link to come and read more and to see what other goodies you have to offer. If they only stay on that space you reduce the chances of them never signing up for your newsletter, for one of your events or to purchase from you.

I will stop there for now but try these five things and let me know what happens.

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