Pinterest-TCW-2It’s very easy to follow the crowd to the latest social media trend but is it where your business needs to be?

For some reading, you may be between jobs and just killing time online but you can actually turn the energy that you are taking to pin and turn it into a viable business for you.

Let’s discuss some of the possibilities.

Pinterest is the social media tool which is very popular, especially with women. It allows you to create boards in the theme of your choice and pin photos to share with your followers. Companies are also using this platform to promote their products and you can do the same.

So first up…

Know what you want to accomplish!

As with other media the goal is to generate interest in what you have to share/say and obtain followers who will then in turn share your boards with others. It is important that you know what it is you want to achieve with your pins and the boards you create. If you mean business, then you must do it on purpose and not merely to pass the time. I will confess that it began for me as a way to discover what the platform was all about but its become a great place for me to rediscover my love for pretty things like shoes 🙂 and to say a few things to inspire others as I love to do.

Establish a theme

As much as I am a wordsmith for clients, I find it hard to come up with catch phrases to define each of my boards. So My Halo is simply hair designs I like, have tried or wish I had the courage to try, while All Red showcases some of the daring red dresses I would love to have in my wardrobe. Use the various themes to categorise your pins in a way that makes sense for those viewing. Also, they will be able to choose to follow all of your boards or just the one that fits their needs.

For example you are an interior designer, you can use separate boards to explore colour palette ideas for various rooms in the house. Show me how I can take my love for orange and infuse it with various room ideas without making my home look like a giant pumpkin. Create boards for teens, for little boys, for newlyweds, for people who work from home or who have young kids. The possibilities are endless based on what you have to share and say.

Connect and Share to Other Platforms

Next, realise that as with other social media such as Facebook you need to have something more at the end of that pretty picture. Make sure the pin you post leads to more information about the product you are showcasing. If it is a pair of shoes, link the image to the store which sells it or to a blog post showing what outfits it can be paired with. This is a good idea for you arm chair fashion consultants who would love to make it a career. Don’t create a pin that doesn’t lead to more details about the product. Adding more details tells me more about you and whether you are the one that can help me with the fashion makeover I need to have.

Once you’ve connected your pins to your blog, be sure to also share your pins to other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to increase your exposure. Pinterest allows you to update your Facebook Timeline every time you create a pin if you so desire.

Follow the crowd

Follow so you can be followed. Don’t just look for people to follow your boards without returning the favour. Find other pinners who have similar interests and follow them. Comment on their pins and include some of their pins in your own boards. Be sure when you repin to say what you like about it and how you would incorporate it in your own unique way.

If you are an author, find other authors in your genre using Pinterest to share their work and see what they are doing. You can share their pins and also provide comments. Maybe its an author you have read, then give a short review as you repin it. Ensure that you have linked your book pins to your or book publishing account so that people can find your book with ease. It becomes that much easier to click to buy when they don’t have to go searching for it.

Protect Your Work

If you are using your own creative work online such as photographs or artwork then ensure that you have watermarked the image or added the circle C which symbolises that you consider it a copyrighted work. While this does not have legal weight it may deter some people. You can also choose to contact pinners who are infringing and let them know the work they are sharing is protected and should be credited to you or removed.

It Takes Time

You will need to devote some time to pinning regularly so that your followers can enjoy what you are sharing and maintain interest in what you have to say. It will also take some time to build a following, so be patient if you want this to work for you.

These are just a few ideas to get you focused on whether you want to get on Pinterest. Its worth it to try it out and see if it works for your personal or business needs. There are lots of great ideas being shared and can be useful to improve your life and that of others.

How are you using Pinterest in your business or personal life? Tell us in the comments.

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